1. Gone To The Country
2. Gold Digger Prelude
3. The State Of Me
4. Red, White, And Blues
5. Caroline
6. I Wish I Knew Now
7. Medicate Me (feat. Elizabeth Lee)
8. Hooray For The Honkey Tonks


1. Paid To Party
2. Whiskey On The Table
3. Catfish and Titties
4. I Know You Rider
5. Trigger Happy Sister
6. Road Trippin’
7. Hillbilly Band
8. Whiskey Sister
9. Hot Damn
10.Devil’s Playhouse
11. That Girl Can Drink
12. Angel From Montgomery
13. Bloody Mary Morning
14. T For Texas
1. Hot Damn
2. Rules Of The Bar
3. Cannon Fodder
4. Backwoods Betty
5. Hell Or High Water
6. Catfish And Tittes
7. Whiskey On The Table
8. That Girl Can Drink
9. Mamas Wise
10. Hillbilly Band
11. Dixie
1. Blame The Bottle
2. Busted
3. Road Trippin
4. Country Love
5. Whiskey Sister
6. Blood Sweat and Beer
7. I Know You Rider
8. Ain’t No Sin
9. If Livin’ Don’t Kill Me
10. Hair Of The Dawg
11. Drink Up Nad Go Home
1. Twelve Steppin’
2. Paid To Party
3. Devil’s Playhouse
4. Hardly Livin’
5. Hardly Livin’ Jam
6. Hennessee Sam
7. Dirt Road To Damascus
8. Ain’t Complainin’
9. Folsom Prison Blues
10. Ringman Blues
11. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
12. In The Pines
1. Hot Coals And Cold Beer
2. Hunker Down
3. You Shook Me
4. T For Texas
5. Who Will Sing For Me
6. Fa Train To Nowhere
7. On The Road Again
8. Denver
9. Trigger Happy Sister
10. Mess With Texas
11. Shake That Ass For Jesus
12. Alma Lee’s Chicken
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I had to call out this random nazi at a show in Poland a couple of years ago. WTF?
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Feel well people.
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Spent an awesome Sunday with my wife at her photo studio in Berlin. #luxfotoatelier #sunshine
55 0
Soon back to a normal cafe with a view. #lifeinportugal #fliporflop #rainsucks
74 1
Always fun to see a 20 foot Earl banner when arriving at the venue for soundcheck. #rostock #theaterdesfriedens #rockandrolllife
27 0
Proud to represent #rockmount #cannabis Shirt on stage. #colorado #legalweed
38 3
Dark Side of the Moon Boots therapy. It was a good day. #pinkfloyd #physicaltherapy #80sfashion
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Its been a long time since I rock and rolled, about 12 months and 2 days to be exact. Hungry. #blackdog #fuckgbs #patience #wearingthin #bigchanges
76 5
Can't wait to get back to the process, work. #songwriting #whatido #recordingstudios #hellyeah #beenawhile #trixxstudios
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Sunday at home. #cozy #feelinggood #matteroftime
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Anticipation. #thanksgiving #tacofest
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Soon back to my safe space. #fozdoarelho #silvercoastportugal #gottagetonouttahere