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Feelin’ Good!

We got through the summer without a hitch and what a great summer it was. We were lucky to have played alot of festivals and events all over the place including, Norway, Poland, Latvia, France, and alot in Germany. It is really a good feeling to play on a stage outside knowing that the people in the audience are relaxed and enjoying the weather. Our job is always to make people feel good and we think do a pretty good job of that! As we wind down the last 3 months of this year’s touring our eyes and ears are already on 2016. At the moment we are tracking demos for our next record which is due out in the spring. We think you are gonna like it alot! Stayed tuned right here for updates on the status of the new recordings! We appreciate it!

So Far So Great!

Its great to be back on the road and playing music. We just finished our first 5 shows in Germany and the crowds have been AWESOME. Full houses every night, good food, cold beer, and a lot of laughs. We are so looking forward to rocking out with everybody on the rest of the Access To The Excess Tour. Its amazing to be able to put smiles on peoples faces just by playing songs and telling our stories, really loudly, and getting paid. We are very thankful! Fire it up! horse

Hittin’ The Road In 2015.

IMG_9018After a well deserved break from touring life, the batteries are almost re-charged and in just under 4 weeks Modern Earl will hit the road again. We are super excited to start performing with our brand spankin’ new drummer, Dam! This guy plays for keeps and brings the high level of energy which the band is known for. Make sure you keep an eye on our tour schedule and come have a look and a listen when we play near your town. We will do EVERYTHING in our power to put a smile on your face and some pep in your step!!!

Out with the old, rock in the new!!

Hey everybody, as the clock winds down, the hall clears out, and the lights go dim on 2014, Modern Earl would like to thank all of the people who support and appreciate what we do. WOW! What a kick ass year it was. We travelled all over the place and had the privilege to turn it up pretty loud and tell some pretty awesome stories!! 2015 is gonna kick major ass and we invite y’all to keep on going crazy with the fellas! We will take a little time off until March, go to the gym, have a little dance, drink a little bit of the good stuff, and then be back in your face with BRAND NEW TOUR! Keep an eye out for all of our new dates and a couple other surprises. WE LOVE TO ROCK !!! Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!10881603_820213474711228_1027085123652930638_n

The last show of 2014 with an old favorite!

molly hatchet